Milk is polarizing; you either love it or hate it, but there’s rarely an in-between. Regardless of how you feel about milk now, though, it is the only substance that every human has consumed at some point in their lives (aside from water, of course). In fact, it is the first food that we taste as newborn babies. Even if you hate milk, you cannot deny the benefit it has on your health. After all, milk does your body good. In honor of National Dairy Month this June, Dr. Henry tests your knowledge of milk.

  1.  Milk contains high levels of _______ , which strengthens your bones and helps you fight tooth decay.
  1. Water
  1. Sugar
  1. Carbohydrates
  1. Calcium
  1.  How much of your body’s calcium (in percentage) is stored in your bones and teeth?
  1. 50%
  1. 75%
  1. 90%
  1. 100%
  1.  Milk can help ease dry mouth symptoms
  1. True
  1. False
  1.  Drinking milk can help undo tooth decay and fractures.
  1. True
  1. False


  1.  D—Calcium is not only found in milk, but in the enamel of your teeth as well. Sugars and starches turn the plaque in your mouth acidic, causing the bacteria to attack tooth enamel and sap it of essential minerals (i.e. calcium). Milk replenishes these minerals, allowing the tooth enamel to strengthen.
  1.  C—About 90% of the calcium in your body is found in your bones and teeth. The remaining 10% circulates throughout your blood stream, facilitating processes such as blood clotting and blood vessel contraction and expansion.
  1.  A—Milk acts as excellent artificial saliva for patients with dry mouth. It moisturizes the inside of your mouth without the risk of sugary beverages and soft drinks. Chewing and swallowing can be difficult without adequate saliva. Milk also provides minerals and nutrients that dry mouth patients may not get enough of due to difficulty eating.
  1.  B—False. Unlike bones, your teeth do not contain living cells to repair their own damaged tissue. By utilizing certain minerals, tooth enamel can strengthen if it grows weak, but once a tooth cracks, decays, or is otherwise damaged, it will require professional dental treatment.

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The Milk Quiz, by Your Erlanger KY Dentist