Do you need that cup of coffee to get you motivated in the morning? Do you enjoy that glass of wine at night to relax? How about that cocktail on a fun evening out with friends? Were you aware that many of these beverages are actually harmful to your teeth? As your dentist in Erlanger, I have some tips on drinks you should be aware of, those you should stay away from, and how to protect your teeth from the cavities that is often caused by beverages that are high in acid.

Why are Certain Beverages Harmful to My Teeth?

Most people understand that drinks that are high in sugar pose a threat to your teeth of developing tooth decay and cavities. However, you may not realize that drinks that are high in acid are also problem. This is because acid breaks down tooth enamel, which also leads to cavities.

So, how about soda or sports drinks that are both high in sugars and acidity? These present a double whammy for your teeth since sugar fuels that bacteria that produce the acids that cause tooth decay. Drinking beverages high in sugar and acid accelerates the process of enamel breakdown leading to tooth decay.

Beverages to be Aware of

Which drinks should you have in moderation, and which should you avoid? Well, we know you’re probably not likely to give up your morning fuel; however, reducing your intake of coffee or tea to one cup a day is helpful. Same with your glass of wine, moderation is best, and try to enjoy some water with it.

Sodas and sports drinks should really be avoided. You may also be surprised to learn that fruit juices such as orange juice and lemonade are also high in sugars and acidity. Many fruit juices are marketed as “heathy drinks” even though they often contain as much sugar as soda.

If you drink soda or juice, wait 30 minutes after consuming them and brush your teeth if possible. This will reduce some of the harmful effects.

Water is Your Best Bet

Drinking water throughout the day is really the best protection for your teeth and the healthiest option for your body. Water keeps your mouth hydrated and helps to wash away excess food debris left from your meals.

If you have questions about how your nutrition affects your oral health, feel free to give my office a call. We’re always happy to help!

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