A healthy lifestyle is important to you, so you’re sure to see your doctor at least once a year for a checkup, you eat a salad every day for lunch, and you maintain the right balance between work and your life at home. But there’s one habit you’re having a hard time breaking – eliminating soda. The fizzy drink is hard to say no to, and I understand how tempting it can be. But did you know that soda can be detrimental to your smile for more reasons than you might expect? That’s why I’d like to share my favorite alternative (that’s just as tasty) – seltzer water.

How Does Soda Impact Your Smile & Overall Health?

Although this beverage is popular, it can be harmful. Soda can negatively affect your smile – and your entire body – in the following ways:

  • Tooth Decay & Cavities – Most patients know that soda is laden with sugar that leads to tooth decay and can exacerbate gum disease.
  • Calcium Deficiency – Since the caffeine in many carbonated beverages leaches calcium from your bones throughout your entire body, it can make your teeth weak, too.
  • Diabetes – The same sugary taste that causes cavities can eventually lead to diabetes if you indulge with soda too often. Remember – there is a connection between diabetes and tooth loss, and since I want to keep your smile bright and healthy, it’s best to avoid this beverage.   Even diet soft drinks are a problem because the artificial sugar satisfies and perpetuates a ‘sugar addiction,’ by tricking our brains. Although these sugar substitutes are better than real sugar, they should also be avoided if possible.
  • Crash & Burn – Even if you don’t have blood sugar problems, soda can cause you to crash and burn because of its high glycemic index number – its liquid nature is quickly absorbed, giving you the instant (but short term) pick-me-up you may be searching for, but leading to a crash just a short time later.

How Is Seltzer Water Better Than Soda?

Since seltzer water is fizzy and is naturally unsweetened, it’s one of my favorite alternatives to soda. And, many brands of this fizzy treat are naturally packed with minerals that can make a positive impact on your smile. You can enjoy seltzer water in many ways – try some of these great recipes to make yourself more familiar with this excellent, smile-friendly beverage.

To recap, try seltzer instead of soda to keep your smile happy, and come see me for a professional exam and cleaning. It’s my goal to keep your pearly whites radiant, so schedule your appointment today!