Trick or treat?! Both? At Halloween time, we all enjoy watching our kids get dressed up to collect candy from our neighbors. During this end of the year celebration and the entire holiday season, kids (and parents) consume large amounts of candy. Unfortunately, this increase in sugary treats is not great for teeth. This is especially true if you’re eating taffy or other sticky candies. In addition to coating teeth in highly acidic plaque, these chewy treats can damage restorations and teeth. Before you let your kids dig into their bags of Halloween candy, take a few moments to consider the possible dental repercussions of holiday sugar binges and monitor which sweets they eat.

Oral Health & Sticky Candies

Sticky candies are some of the worst treats for your teeth. Taffy, caramels, gummy bears, and other chewy sweets can do much more harm than most people realize. Some of the oral health issues I’ve seen caused by consuming too much sticky candy include:

  • Lost and damaged fillings
  • Dental crowns or fixed bridges coming loose or falling out
  • Kids with loose baby teeth that fall out prematurely
  • Adults who lose teeth
  • Pieces of the candy lodged between teeth
  • Cavities, cavities, and more cavities!

Preventing Cavities While Feeding Your Sweet Tooth

To keep your smile healthy, I’m in no way recommending you kick the candy out of Halloween altogether. Instead, consume delicious holiday treats in moderation. Eat a few candies. Then, drink water to rinse away any stuck on particles from your teeth. If at all possible, brush your teeth or use an antimicrobial mouthwash soon after eating candies. We all deserve a treat during the holidays, but we also deserve healthy smiles year round. The key to keeping your smile healthy and still feeding your sweet tooth – preventive dental care. Maybe I say that a lot, but it’s true! The best defense is a good offense, so keep up your daily brushing and flossing, and visit me twice a year to maintain your healthy, beautiful smile.