Although attending regular dental visits is important in ensuring good oral health, so much of cavity and gum disease prevention relies on proper homecare. Therefore, in order to make sure your homecare is at its best, your Erlanger KY dentist, Dr. Darlene Henry, is sharing three tips that can help boost your homecare.

Tips to Improve Your Homecare

  1. Divide brushing into three phases. When brushing your teeth, it is important that you clean every available surface of your teeth in order to remove as much harmful bacteria as possible. Therefore, it is sometimes helpful to divide your brushing into three phases, during which you clean a specific surface for all of your teeth. The three phases should include the front surface, the back surface, and the top (biting) surface. By dividing your brushing in this way, you will be less likely to skip over areas in your mouth.
  2. Angle the bristles of your toothbrush toward the gum line. Gum disease often begins because of the presence of bacteria on teeth near the gum line. You may, therefore, want to pay a little extra attention to these areas by angling the bristles of your toothbrush toward the gum line. By keep these areas clean, you can reduce your risk of developing gum disease.
  3. Don’t overbrush. Brushing too hard or too often can do more harm than good. Too much abrasion can strip teeth of their enamel, lowering their defenses against bacteria and making tooth decay more likely. Thus, brush two or three times per day and be sure to use gentle pressure instead of heavy force.

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