As a parent, you shoulder the responsibility of caring for your child, and that means being informed and prepared to act in many situations. The same is true when it comes to your child’s oral health, so to help make sure you are prepared for the many dental scenarios your child may experience, your Erlanger KY dentist, Dr. Darlene Henry, has created this quiz.

The Quiz

  1. True or False: Baby teeth with cavities do not require dental fillings.
  2. True or False: If your child cracks or breaks a tooth, rinse his or her mouth with warm water.
  3. True or False: Teeth grinding generally does not require treatment in young children.

The Answer Key

  1. False. Any tooth that develops a cavity requires treatment. Without treatment, a cavity can worsen until bacteria are able to reach and infect a tooth’s pulp (the innermost, nerve-filled portion). When the pulp is infected, the tooth is in peril of dying. The infection can also spread into other teeth, the jaw, and the rest of the body, causing further dental problems and illness. Additionally, if a baby tooth dies and falls out too early, it cannot function as a placeholder for the developing secondary tooth, and nearby teeth may grow into the area, resulting in orthodontic problems.
  2. True. When a tooth is damaged, bacteria have an easier time accessing the tooth’s pulp. Thus, it is useful to rinse with warm water to remove some bacteria from the mouth and lower the risk of infection.
  3. True. A staggering 38 percent of children grind their teeth. Most of this bruxism (teeth grinding) begins around age three and ends at age six. At this age range, bruxism is not powerful enough to be a serious threat to teeth. Treatment is, therefore, rare.

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