How would you classify your smile? Is it coy, enthusiastic, stunning? From a researcher’s perspective, it is none of the above. Researchers classify smiles according to two types, and the smile type that you wear most often may even predict how long you will live and the quality of your marriage. Read below as your Erlanger KY dentist, Dr. Darlene Henry, explains smile types and what they can tell you.

The Study of Smiles

The first forays into a scientific study of smiles were made by a French neurologist named Duchenne de Boulogne. De Boulogne recognized that not all smiles share a common purpose or even involve the same muscles. This observation has led researches to classify smiles according to two types called Duchenne and non-Duchenne smiles.

Duchenne vs. Non-Duchenne

Two key differences separate Duchenne smiles from non-Duchenne smiles: intent and muscular involvement. A Duchenne smile is an expression of joy on behalf of the smiler, and it involves muscles around the eyes. A non-Duchenne smile, on the other hand, is a smile of appeasement. It is intended to placate someone else and does not involve the muscles surrounding the eyes. Thus, when people say a smile never reached a person’s eyes, they are, in effect, telling you that the person smiled a non-Duchenne smile.

What Your Typical Smile Type Says about You

According to recent research, there is a correlation between increased longevity and Duchenne smiles. Researchers have also found that people who frequently smile Duchenne smiles experience lower divorce rates. Thus, if you find yourself hiding your smile because you are embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth, talk to your Erlanger KY cosmetic dentist, Dr. Henry. Her cosmetic treatmentscan give you a smile you’ll be dying to show off—Duchenne style.

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