Whether it’s eating healthier, or exercising more, New Year’s resolutions can be hard to stick to! I like to share with my patients that with a simple shift in your thinking, your resolutions don’t have to fall by the wayside. Here’s a simple idea from your dentist in Erlanger to help you meet your 2018 goals.

The Power of “I Am”

Your mind is a powerful tool, and by managing your thoughts you can change your life. For example, begin your day with a goal: “Today I am going to the gym to exercise.” Using the power of the phrase “Today I am” sets your intention for the day and you are more likely to achieve your goals.

Use this tool with your New Year’s resolutions, and be specific. “Today I am going to eat a salad for lunch.” Instead of just “eating healthier,” set your intention to eat a salad for lunch.

Using the power of “I am,” and being clear about your intention will help you stick to your resolutions until they become a habit or part of your daily routine.

Don’t Forget to Include Dentistry in Your Resolutions

Part of living a healthier life in 2018 includes partnering with your health care team. As your dentist, I encourage my patients to visit for routine cleanings and checkups at least twice per year or every six months.

These visits help me monitor your oral health and detect any concerns as early as possible. By taking great care of your oral health, you are also looking out for your overall health and well being since we now understand how periodontal disease is linked with other health concerns like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and vice versa.

Let me help you make 2018 your best year yet by committing to an excellent home care routine and regular dental visits. “Today I am going to brush my teeth thoroughly twice and floss them once. Today I am visiting Dr. Sand Wall for my six-month checkup.”

I look forward to helping you meet your 2018 goals!