I’ve recently made the decision to upgrade my same-day dental restoration system.   My team, patients, and I are in love all over again!   Using superior quality dental porcelain, I’m able to give patients the high quality restorations they’ve come to expect in just one visit. I’ve been using CEREC Brand for many years, but the new system allows me to feel like a true artist as I craft detailed, custom dental restorations that restore smiles to their natural strength. I love seeing the results, but the best thing about this new and improved CEREC system, besides the cool music it plays while capturing the NO-IMPRESSION image, is hearing how happy my patients are.

Literally from the first day we had the new system in place, we’ve had amazing results. When we make a significant investment in new materials, we often have the opportunity to try the product first. During our trial period with the new CEREC system, Alan, one of our lab technicians, confessed he’d been putting off dental restoration.  So, we sat him right down in the big comfortable chair to try out the new CAD/CAM system. Alan was stunned with the quick, painless results, and that the restored tooth felt better than the one he’d had his whole life.  Alan plans to continue his treatment, and we couldn’t be happier, Alan! See you soon.

On my last visit to the nail salon, my manicurist reminded me of her experience with me.   Her front tooth veneer fractured and she needed a quick fix. The veneer was great, but she wasn’t 100% happy with it.   When the veneer broke, we used the CEREC system to repair her damaged veneer in just one visit. She said she still can’t believe how good it looks and feels, or that this high quality restoration was completed in just one, painless visit.

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At my dental practice, I want patients to feel great about their smile because their teeth are healthy and strong. Our new CEREC system allows me to help patients restore their dental health quickly, painlessly, and beautifully. I hope you’ll let my team help you get the healthy smile you deserve. Call today for a consultation.