The sunshine and warm weather of summer puts a smile on our faces, and makes us all want to go outside and have fun. One of the best summer pastimes is lounging by your local pool, especially if you have children. Taking your kids to the pool and letting them swim is a great way to pass summer hours, get them out of the house, and sneak in some relaxation time for yourself.

Recently, a patient shared a summer swimming experience with me. One summer she took her children to the pool for a relaxing family afternoon. As she lay pool side soaking up the sun, her daughter expertly swam laps. She felt so proud of her little fish. Then, her daughter wasn’t swimming anymore. The patient’s daughter pulled herself out of the pool, holding her mouth and crying. She miscalculated the distance to the wall and chipped her teeth. In the blink of an eye, their relaxing afternoon turned into a dental disaster.

That’s how easily accidents can happen, generally, when you least expect them. Fortunately, dental accidents like these can be repaired. My patient’s daughter has a smile as good as new and you would never know she’d chipped her teeth. If you or your loved ones need help restoring your smile, I will work with you to determine the right fix, and get it done fast. Summertime is for family fun and relaxation. Don’t let fear of a potential dental accident stop your summer fun. Accidents happen, let me worry about how to get your smile back in line.