When a baby is teething, it can be traumatic for the child and the parents, alike. There will usually be tears, and discomfort, and even out-and-out pain. There’s bound to be sleepless nights. Your child will be unable to communicate, and you’ll be frustrated that you can’t comfort them completely. Then, one day, a little white bump will appear on the gums, and you’ll feel ecstatic. The first tooth is always exciting, in spite of the physical hardship required to get that tooth through the gums. Most of the time, the gums will appear normal, and then suddenly there’s the top of a tooth poking out at you. Occasionally, however, you’ll look into your baby’s mouth and see something shocking. Dr. Henry, your Kentucky dentist, is here to describe something called eruption cysts, what they are, and how you should deal with them if you see one on the gums of your child.

Eruption Cysts

Inside the jawbone, there is a protective fluid-filled enclosure where teeth grow before they erupt. Once teeth have reached full development, they will begin to emerge through the jawbone and pierce through the gums. Occasionally, the fluid in the enclosure leaks and accumulates between the tooth and gums. This is when you would see an eruption cyst, or eruption hematoma. As frightening as the clinical names might sound, this is nothing more than a dark red, brown, bluish-purple, or translucent bruise on the gingival tissuethat will usually heal within days. 

How Are Eruption Cysts Treated?

Most eruption cysts don’t require special treatment. The tooth will usually break through the hematoma and emerge as normal. However, if you see something unusual on your baby’s gums, even if you think it must be an eruption cyst, it’s always wise to contact your dentist and describe the spot. Your dentist may want to keep an eye on your child’s gums to be on the safe side.

Pediatric Dentistry in Kentucky

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