I feel that the camera brings out my inner critic every time. Having your photograph taken can be a fun experience, especially if you feel confident in the appearance of your smile. However, if you feel self-conscious about how your teeth will look through the exacting lens of the camera, the entire experience may prove stressful and unpleasant. Believe it or not, the way we perceive ourselves just before the click of the shutter makes a huge difference in the end result.

It’s a secret that all great photographers know: it’s incredibly difficult to look good in a photo if you don’t feel great about yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Sure, there are digital tools and special lighting techniques that can mask flaws or enhance the image quality, but no amount of Photoshop trickery can produce a radiant glow or a sincere expression. That inner spark and that visible confidence have to come from you.

Some people avoid the camera like the plague, while others love it so much that one wonders if there might be a touch of narcissism at hand. Regardless, one fact will never change: a photograph is a timeless representation of a single moment, captured in an instant. Making the camera your friend is sometimes just a simple matter of acceptance, settling into the knowledge that your healthy, happy smile truly is a treasure for all to see. When you love your smile, it shows. Give the world a real glimpse into who you are, and share your smile openly. Worth far more than a thousand words, your portrait will surely speak for itself.