Experiencing jaw pain is not uncommon. In fact, if your jaws ache occasionally or feel fatigued, you may have no need to worry. But when your jaw pain coincides with other maladies, you should see your dentist. Your pain could stem from a problem with your temporomandibular joints. Typically, a TMJ disorder (TMD) causes localized pain affecting your head, neck, and ears. Relieving the pain can be simple and non-invasive, if treated early enough. You can avoid complications from TMD, like worn and broken teeth, by seeking council from a dental professional. In this article, Erlanger cosmetic dentist Dr. Darlene Henry explains the connection between TMD and earaches.

Earaches from TMJ Disorder

The temporomandibular joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull are sensitive. A thin disc rests between the jaw and temporal bones to smooth common motions associated with chewing, talking, and yawning. When your jaw sustains injury from physical trauma or excessive stress from clenching or teeth grinding (bruxism), the TMJs can become unbalanced, and you can experience pain in various places. An unbalanced joint irritates nerves that cause earaches and ear ringing, which TMD treatment may remedy.

TMD Treatment

Usually, preventing teeth grinding can lessen pain from TMD dramatically. To achieve this, Dr. Henry can prescribe a custom-fitted oral appliance for you to wear at night. We also offer Botox treatments to relax jaw muscles and stop bruxism. The effects of Botox last for approximately three months, so you may need additional treatments if bruxism continues to cause pain. Teeth grinding wears down teeth and could break them, which can be the source of earaches or radiant pain. Dr. Henry offers color-matched restorations that strengthen teeth to relieve pain.

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