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Dental News and Advice from Erlanger Kentucky

Darlene Henry DMD and her team are dedicated to helping each patient achieve the beautiful, confident smile that lasts a lifetime. We often write useful and practical content to help our patients in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati region have happy, healthy smiles. Please email us any feedback or questions at [email protected]

A Successful Smile: Studies Reveal the Surprising Importance of Dental Aesthetics

Cosmetic options like Invisalign, Snap-On Smile, and porcelain veneers have rapidly become some of the most popular aesthetic dental treatments in America, and it’s easy to see why. Teeth that are straight, white, and healthy are coveted and revered not only in the world of celebrity, but at every level of socioeconomic status. This is because, according to recent studies, an attractive smile is considered indicative of various desirable qualities and characteristics. In fact, research has shown that Americans perceive individuals with straight teeth to be up to 58 percent more likely to be wealthy and successful as compared to those with teeth that are gapped, crooked or diseased.

Other characteristics attributed to men and women with beautiful teeth include:

  • Good health
  • Intelligence
  • Friendliness
  • Confidence
  • Active social life and popularity
  • Trustworthiness

In addition to this, believe it or not, research also shows that people with attractive smiles were judged to earn an average of $15,000 more per year than they actually did. They were also deemed 10 percent more likely to land a good job and 57 percent more apt to be asked on a date based upon a picture alone. Even more surprisingly, 87 percent of men and women stated that they would gladly give up something they enjoyed for an entire year – including vacations and dessert – if it meant that they could have a beautiful smile for life.

Of course, a smile is, by its very nature, an expression of happiness and friendliness. We’re inherently inclined to share it freely with those that are closest to us in moments of joy, camaraderie, and humor.  Today, I had a husband of a patient for whom I recently did veneers.  He noticed that she was smiling a lot lately and thought he was the source of her happiness.  Then he realized that she was smiling more because she liked her smile.  It’s just interesting, sometimes, to pause and reflect on what that smile really communicates to the world around us.

Feeling Confident in Your Smile: What Does Your Portrait Say About You?

I feel that the camera brings out my inner critic every time. Having your photograph taken can be a fun experience, especially if you feel confident in the appearance of your smile. However, if you feel self-conscious about how your teeth will look through the exacting lens of the camera, the entire experience may prove stressful and unpleasant. Believe it or not, the way we perceive ourselves just before the click of the shutter makes a huge difference in the end result.

It’s a secret that all great photographers know: it’s incredibly difficult to look good in a photo if you don’t feel great about yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Sure, there are digital tools and special lighting techniques that can mask flaws or enhance the image quality, but no amount of Photoshop trickery can produce a radiant glow or a sincere expression. That inner spark and that visible confidence have to come from you.

Some people avoid the camera like the plague, while others love it so much that one wonders if there might be a touch of narcissism at hand. Regardless, one fact will never change: a photograph is a timeless representation of a single moment, captured in an instant. Making the camera your friend is sometimes just a simple matter of acceptance, settling into the knowledge that your healthy, happy smile truly is a treasure for all to see. When you love your smile, it shows. Give the world a real glimpse into who you are, and share your smile openly. Worth far more than a thousand words, your portrait will surely speak for itself.

There’s Magic in the Air… and in Your Smile

When I think of February, the first thing that comes to mind is, yea! It’s time to celebrate the love we have in our lives! It’s the month for hearts, flowers, togetherness, and smiles. Lots of smiles.  In fact, did you know that a smile is the single most attractive feature to both men and women, and that its power can be expressed anywhere and at anytime? What better way to get a little magic stirring? I find that we rarely consider how powerful and magical a smile can truly be, and I think February – the month of love – is the perfect time to give this captivating and charismatic characteristic the attention it deserves.

As a dentist, I’m blessed and fortunate enough to receive and return countless smiles every day. I get to witness firsthand what a difference a smile can make, instantly brightening the day of anyone in its path.  From my patients and their families to my staff and even strangers on the street, a simple flash of a smile can completely transform your mood, then radiates out to those around you.

Case in point: One of my patients recently presented me with this plaque:

smile, plaque, Darlene Sand Wall DMD, dentistry

He said he thought of me when he saw it. This incredibly sweet sentiment, naturally, left a smile on my face, and I’m happy to share it now with everyone who comes in to the office. I love knowing that I get to help others smile every day; it truly is the greatest gift, and it just keeps on giving.

As we close for today, I’ll leave you with a little Month of Love trivia, just for fun: What do chocolates and a smile have in common?

Answer: They’ve both been scientifically proven to cause a significant increase in dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, all of which are feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain. So share your smile today (and chocolate too, if you want), and make the world a more magical place!

Finding Balance & Harmony within Your Smile

balance, harmony, Darlene Sand Wall DMD, dentistryA few months ago, I found myself trekking through the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico, enjoying the magnificent scenery and everything the living desert has to offer. Hardy brush, blooming wildflowers, unique cactus formations, and centuries-old rock formations greeted my eyes at every turn. I did, however, come across something completely unexpected during my hike: this astounding structure in the middle of nowhere.



As an avid admirer of balance and harmony in daily life, I was immediately struck by the beauty and composition of what I’d discovered. The stones, meticulously placed, exhibited such harmony within an undeniably intense environment like the desert. Even so, they just seemed to fitso well there, and the experience left me thinking about the concepts and techniques I apply while creating balanced, harmonious smiles.

Crafting Your Perfect Smile

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about straightening your teeth or making them whiter, though these aspects certainly do play an important role in achieving a balanced and beautiful smile. When greeting patients, I naturally take an all-encompassing approach to not only the health of their teeth and gums, but to their overall appearance as well.

I ask myself a number of critical questions, taking into account every facet of each smile as an individual component of a much more significant whole. Does her smile naturally enhance her facial contours, and are her teeth the right shade to complement her skin tone and eye color? Does the shape and size of his teeth improve or detract from his overall image? What can I offer to bring symmetry, strength, and harmony to my patients’ faces so that they can more fully enjoy their lives?

The truth is that there are so many integral factors to consider when you’re creating a beautifully balanced smile, and it’s one of my favorite things to do for my patients. It’s honestly one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable, and I’m newly grateful for the opportunity every day.

Ringing in the New Year in a Brand New Way

I can’t believe how this year has flown by! Christmas is right around the corner and, before we know it, the New Year will be upon us. As I spent some time decorating the office for Christmas this week, one decoration in particular made me stop and think for a moment about something I believe is especially important this time of the year.

Christmas decoration, sleigh, Darlene Sand Wall DMD, dentistry

This festive little sleigh, adorned with twinkling lights and gingham ribbon bows, has been one of my favorite holiday decorations for more than ten years. Every Christmas, I bring out the sleigh with its smiling snowmen and pine needle boughs, and I have to smile at all of the memories it carries. I love this cheery addition to the office and the unmistakable holiday spirit it contributes to the ambiance of this space.

Even as I marveled at how the sleigh has inevitably found its place here for so many years, I was able to recognize the fact that it is, admittedly, a little dated. Compared to the other, more modern décor around the office, this little basket of Christmas joy doesn’t shine quite as brightly as I initially thought. I love it all the same, of course, even with its little imperfections, but it really got me thinking. This revelation, I realized, can be aptly applied to what we do here every day when we help our patients improve their smiles and their health overall.

I suppose I can sum it up like this: It’s important to remember that you can love the old while still welcoming the new, particularly as the beginning of a brand new year approaches. As you make your New Year’s resolutions this January, I invite you to think of the way you perceive your smile. It isn’t necessarily something you regularly think of improving or changing because it’s a part of you that you’re so accustomed to seeing in a certain light. And while you may be content to accept it as it is, imperfections and all, maybe the New Year is the perfect time to take a second look at how it really makes you feel. If there’s ever been a time to give yourself the gift of a brighter, healthier, more confident smile, it’s definitely now!

While I don’t think I’ll ever part with this adorable little family of Christmas snowmen, I do think I’ll start a new tradition this year. My resolution is to look at the old in a new light whenever possible, to appreciate and love what the past offers while still keeping my eyes open to a tomorrow that’s newer and brighter. I hope you all do the same and enjoy the very happiest of New Years!

Home is Where the Heart Is: Giving Thanks for Our Dental Family

patient, map, Darlene Sand Wall DMD, dentistry

Our magnetic map, where our patients are invited to place pins showing where they’ve been and how far they’ve come.

November has finally arrived, and with it comes the season of giving, togetherness, and genuine gratitude. In light of the Thanksgiving spirit, I’d love nothing more than to take this moment to pause and give thanks for each and every member of our dental family. From the precious smiles of your little children as they toddle in for their very first visit to the cherished patients I’ve been serving for years, all of you represent a special place in my heart. That connection is what I’m most thankful for this year and every other year I’m fortunate enough to serve as your dentist.

Every year, all across America, families gather round their dinner tables to celebrate the Thanksgiving tradition together, laughing and loving and sharing an inextinguishable sense of community

with those who matter most. This is a tradition that is undiminished by the forces of time and distance; no matter how far from home we may stray over the course of our lives, we always manage to come back home, back to where the heart is.

I sincerely hope that each of my patients experiences that unmistakable feeling of unconditional warmth and hospitality every time they visit my office. This is your dental home, and you and your family are a part of ours. For this – and for your beautiful smiles – I am eternally grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Inspiration through St. Apollonia: The Patron Saint of Dentistry

November 1st is All Saints’ Day, and I can think of no better time of year to recognize one of my favorite saints: St. Apollonia. As the patron saint of dentistry, St. Apollonia serves as a welcome refuge for those suffering from dental pain, particularly toothaches. As a dentist, I often call upon St. Apollonia as a source of continuing inspiration and strength as I provide my patients with the dental care they need.

The account of St. Apollonia’s life was written by Dionysius (then the Bishop of Alexandria) and relayed to Fabian, the Bishop of Antioch. Dionysius recounted the story of Apollonia, an aged deaconess, whose refusal to renounce her faith resulted in her torture and eventual death at the hands of her persecutors. After having all of her teeth forcibly removed, Apollonia whispered a prayer and committed herself to the flames of her attackers.

In her final moments, Apollonia serenely and voluntarily brought an end to the torture inflicted by Emperor Philip’s mobs, even as they continued to demand that she forsake her God. Her martyrdom has since been seen as a testament to her heroic faith, and she is invoked and remembered fondly by millions, particularly those in the field of dentistry.

In my practice, I like to emphasize the importance of maintaining an environment that is balanced, harmonious, and imbued with positive energy. Recognizing and honoring St. Apollonia’s enduring spirit is just one way that I strive to do this every day.

Porcelain Veneers in Erlanger, KY

Porcelain Veneers in Erlanger, Ky

A common attribute I see in my patients is the desire to have a beautiful smile that is both flawless and healthy. Many of my patients fear that since they were born without a perfect smile, they will never achieve this goal. I often worry that this keeps patients, and prospective patients, from pursuing that “Hollywood smile.” I feel like I should let people know that no matter what their smile currently looks like, when they come into Dr. Darlene Henry’s office they will leave with a gorgeous smile they can be proud of. One way we can accomplish this is through porcelain veneers.

Not too long ago, a patient named “Hannah” came in to Dr. Henry’s office. Hannah had been unhappy with her smile for a long time. She had gone through a divorce a few years earlier and had noticed that her smile was making her self-conscious. She explained that she was unable to open up, making life in the dating world hard. She decided that it was time to do something about it which led her to sit down for a consultation with Dr. Henry to determine what could be done. Together we discussed a few options which included porcelain veneers, and dentures. When the topic of dentures got brought up Hannah became really emotional, it was obvious that it was important for Hannah to keep her teeth, she told me she would be too embarrassed to have dentures at her age. I remember Hannah really used this time to ask questions and express any concerns she had about the procedure. By the end of our meeting we decided that Hannah could get her dream smile with porcelain veneers.

Hannah came in and got impressions made of her mouth which allowed me to make her veneers custom fit to her teeth and facial features. As a cosmetic dentist I think it is important that these veneers fit comfortably. However, I want them to look natural as well. Hannah walked out of my office with a set of temporary veneers while I had the permanent ones made. Sometimes the process of fabricating these veneers can be difficult because my goal is always perfection. Hannah came back to my Erlanger, KY office when we were ready to outfit her with the smile she always wanted. As soon as the procedure was completed we couldn’t have kept Hannah from smiling ear to ear if we wanted to. She was surprised at how quick and painless the whole operation was, and ecstatic about the end result.

If you feel like you could benefit from porcelain veneers like Hannah did, contact Dr. Henry and set up a consultation. We are able to take care of whatever general, preventative, or cosmetic dentistry procedure you need! We serve patients from ErlangerCincinnatiCrestview HillsFort MitchellFlorenceUnionIndependenceTaylor Mill, and the surrounding communities.

Restore Your Smile with All-on-4 Dental Implants!

Having teeth missing from your smile is never an easy thing to deal with. If you have gaps in your smile where teeth used to be, it can be detrimental for your mouth as well as your body. Having teeth missing can also affect the way you feel about yourself. Many people consider a smile a first impression, and when your smile is not where you want it to be, it can be devastating. Dr. Darlene Henry understands how her patients feel when it comes to their smile, which is why she offers all-on-4 dental implants.

The wonderful thing about all-on-4 dental implants is the fact they office an incredible amount of convenience for our patients. With four, small implants, we are able to give you your life back! It starts with a consultation with Dr. Henry. During that consultation, she will be able to fully assess your smile in its current state, as well as get a better idea as to your goals regarding your smile. If you have the sufficient amount of bone density, oral health, and overall health, the process to getting your new smile begins! Four titanium implants are embedded into your jaw bone, and those four implants are able to support an entire arch, upper or lower, of prosthetic teeth. Instead of having to apply your dentures or other prosthetics every day, all-on-4 dental implants are able to make your smile permanent and forever beautiful!

The wonderful thing about all-on-4 dental implants is that you are able to have your new smile in a single appointment! Also, bone grafting is not usually required with this form of dental treatment. The amazing convenience our patients experience with all-on-4 dental implants as well as the benefits are something to behold, and we want you to experience it yourself! If you are curious as to how Dr. Henry can help you achieve the smile of your dreams with all-on-4 dental implants, make an appointment at our dental office today, and we would love to help!

Contact our Erlanger, KY dentist office today to schedule an appointment or a consultation. We are able to take care of whatever general, preventative, or cosmetic dentistry need you may have! We serve patients from ErlangerCincinnatiCrestview HillsFort MitchellFlorenceUnionIndependenceTaylor Mill, and the surrounding communities.

Thank You for 25 Amazing Years!

There are a couple of expressions that stand out when it comes to Dr. Darlene Henry. The first one being how much time flies when you are having fun, and the second being how when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. Dr. Henry has dedicated her life to offering the best dental service to her patients in her Erlanger, KY community, and, believe it or not, it has been an astounding 25 years since she began her dedication to the Northern Kentucky community. Knowing she wanted to be a dentist from a young age, she has made it her mission to make a difference in her community one smile at a time. With the 25th anniversary of Dr. Darlene Henry’s delivering exceptional smiles being at the end of this month, we wanted to take the time out to thank Dr. Henry as well as the amazing team members that made these 25 years the most amazing years possible.

Our practice would be nothing without the woman in charge, Dr. Darlene Henry. We thank you for your love, devotion, and dedication to your field and to your patients. Your allegiance and love of your profession and patients truly shows with everyone you meet, and your work is always above the rest. We only hope that you are able to serve our community for another 25 years, changing lives and smiles every single day!

Cathy Humphreys, thank you for your dedication to our practice for so many years. You have been a key component in making sure our practice runs as smoothly as possible, and we would be absolutely nowhere without your hard work and your expertise. Cindy Carsman, thank you for your commitment to your patients. Your support and warm demeanor is one of the amazing things that keep our patients coming back, and your gentle touch is always appreciated and admired.

Diane Wisnieski, your profound talent of making our patients feel at home every time they come into our office is nothing short of a gift. Your hard work and genuine interest in getting to know our patients is always appreciated, and we would be nowhere without you.  Mary Ann Judge, your gentle demeanor and ability to make our patients laugh and smile is surely something to be treasured. Thank you for everything you do for our practice. Any dental practice would be lucky to have you in their office!

If you would like to help celebrate Dr. Darlene Henry’s 25 years of dedication to the Northern Kentucky area, call to make an appointment. There’s no doubt our amazing team will be able to give you the perfect smile you have always wanted!

Contact our Erlanger, KY dentist office today to schedule an appointment or a consultation. We are able to take care of whatever general, preventative, or cosmetic dentistry need you may have! We serve patients from ErlangerCincinnatiCrestview HillsFort MitchellFlorenceUnionIndependenceTaylor Mill, and the surrounding communities.

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