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Tooth-Colored Fillings in Erlanger

Conservative Treatment of Tooth Decay

Silver fillings, also known as amalgam, were once a popular choice for treating cavities, but they have fallen out of favor in recent years for several reasons. Because they can expand and contract with temperature changes, amalgam fillings can cause tooth breakage and also allow secondary decay to form under the filling. Furthermore, their dark appearance looks unnatural and unattractive. Your family dentist in Erlanger, Dr. Sand Wall, offers a better filling option that not only looks natural but also helps strengthen and protect your teeth: composite resin. Made of a durable plastic material that fills in the porous surface of the tooth, composite resin actually strengthens the tooth and helps prevent fracture. Furthermore, less tooth structure needs to be removed for a composite resin filling than with a silver one. Dr. Sand Wall believes in conserving as much natural tooth structure as possible for a lifetime of healthy teeth, so composite resin fillings are the ideal choice for treating mild to moderate decay.

Esthetically-Pleasing Composite Resin Fillings

To place your composite resin filling, Dr. Sand Wall must first prepare the tooth for optimal bonding of the material. She will first gently remove the decayed portion of the tooth with a dental instrument, followed by etching the space to help the resin attach better. Next, she will place the soft material, which is shaded to match surrounding teeth, in the prepared space. After hardening the filling under a special light, Dr. Sand Wall will shape and polish the filling to ensure a proper bite with opposing teeth and a natural-looking sheen. Your new white dental restoration will be virtually unnoticeable, and you will emerge from Dr. Sand Wall’s office with teeth that are healthier, stronger, and better functioning than before.

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