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Checkups and Cleanings in Erlanger

The Importance of Seeing Your Erlanger Dentist Every Six Months

Your family dentist in Erlanger KY is passionate about providing preventive care to help you maintain healthy teeth for life. Consider your dental checkups and professional cleanings an investment in your oral health, as skipping even one appointment can allow tooth decay or other problems to progress to a point where you need invasive treatments. Although equipped to handle the toughest dental cases, Dr. Sand Wall would much rather see you under the happier circumstances of a routine checkup. Even if signs of an oral health issue are present, seeing Dr. Sand Wall every six months ensures that it will be caught early enough to be treated conservatively.

Staying Abreast of Your Oral Health with Checkups

Many patients think that only their teeth and gums are up for inspection at a checkup, but Dr. Sand Wall’s examination goes much further than that. In addition to checking for signs of tooth decay and gum disease, she will perform a thorough oral cancer screening using the advanced technology of VELscope. Likewise, she employs state-of-the-art OralDNA testing to screen for HPV and periodontal disease. Dr. Sand Wall also checks your teeth for abnormal wear and your jaw joints for imbalances to determine if you are suffering the strain of teeth grinding or TMJ dysfunction. These oral health issues, while treatable at any stage, are more easily treated the earlier they are caught. Additionally, early detection prevents further damage to your oral or general health.

Teeth Cleaning

A teeth cleaning by Dr. Sand Wall’s exceptional hygienist Cindy extends beyond a simple polishing of your teeth. To help prevent gum disease, which is the number one cause of tooth loss among Americans, your professional cleaning involves removing tartar. This hard substance, which is formed from mineralized plaque, cannot be removed with regular brushing and requires removal with a special dental instrument. If tartar is not removed along the gum line, it will cause a separation of your gums from your teeth and create an inviting space for bacteria to collect, which will cause gum disease. Your hygienist will remove tartar from the teeth using an ultrasonic scaler, which uses vibration and a steady stream of water to break up and wash away the hard calculus. If you already have the early stages of gum disease, she will use the ultrasonic scaler to clean your teeth below the gum line, smoothing out the tooth root surfaces and removing bacteria so that your gums will form a healthy reattachment to your teeth.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen tooth enamel, which in turn helps protect teeth from acids and bacteria that cause cavities. Low levels of fluoride are present in many city water supplies and toothpastes and do offer protection from tooth decay, but most patients need a little more help in preventing cavities. Children are vulnerable to tooth decay, as are patients who take certain medications or are undergoing cancer treatment. Additionally, adults with gum recession can develop cavities in the exposed root surfaces of their teeth, which do not have a protective enamel layer. That is why Dr. Sand Wall offers professional-strength fluoride varnish to all of her patients at every six-month checkup. Using a concentrated form of fluoride, the thick varnish is applied to the teeth, including exposed tooth roots, where it will cling for several hours to help remineralize the tooth enamel. You will be instructed not to brush your teeth that night to allow the varnish to take full effect, but you may resume your normal oral hygiene routine the next morning.

For personalized general and cosmetic dental care in northern Kentucky, contact Dr. Darlene Sand Wall today to schedule an appointment. Located in Erlanger, we serve patients from all surrounding areas, including Cincinnati, Crestview Hills, Edgewood, Fort Mitchell, Florence, Union, Independence, and Taylor Mill.

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