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Bridges and Dentures in Erlanger

Gaps are Not an Option

If you have missing teeth, you already know about the embarrassment of showing gaps when you smile. You likely also have difficulty biting and chewing certain foods, but did you know that the problems caused by missing teeth go beyond your appearance and ability to eat? A gap in your smile can cause the health of your remaining teeth to decline as well, as the spaces cause your teeth to shift out of place and become crooked. When teeth are not aligned properly, they will experience excessive wear and tear. Misalignments can also cause you to grind your teeth and experience an imbalance of the temporomandibular joints (TMJs), which can lead to pain in the jaws, face, and head. To prevent these problems from occurring or compounding, it is imperative that Dr. Sand Wall replace your missing teeth with a bridge or denture.

Fixed Bridges

To replace a single tooth or several adjacent teeth, Dr. Sand Wall can place a fixed bridge, which consists of replacement teeth that are connected to crowns placed on the teeth surrounding the gap, called abutment teeth. Dr. Sand Wall will first prepare and shape your abutment teeth for crowns, after which she will make an impression to be sent to her excellent dental lab, where your bridge will be fabricated. You will wear a temporary bridge until your permanent bridge is made. At your next appointment, Dr. Sand Wall will anchor your bridge in place by cementing it to the abutment teeth, literally bridging the gap and restoring your bite, tooth function, and appearance.

Partial Dentures

For a removable tooth replacement option, you may consider a partial denture, which can replace one or several missing teeth in a dental arch. Consisting of a pink base that matches your gum tissue, onto which your replacement teeth are attached, partial dentures restore both tooth function and your ability to smile with ease and confidence. Dr. Sand Wall is highly experienced in achieving optimal fit and retention of dentures so that you need not worry about your prosthetic slipping out of place. Anchored into the mouth by attaching to your natural teeth with clasps, your partial denture will increase your quality of life and your self-esteem.

Complete Dentures

A complete denture is indicated when all of the teeth are missing in a single dental arch. Also called a full denture, your complete denture consists of a full set of replacement teeth set in a pink acrylic base. Dentures completely cover the gums and stay in place with suction. Dr. Sand Wall takes your whole mouth into consideration when fitting you for prosthetics, creating an ideal fit and bite so that your mouth functions with ease. Your northern Kentucky restorative dentist is skilled at creating dentures that stay snugly in place and allow you to go about your life with increased confidence.

For personalized general and cosmetic dental care in northern Kentucky, contact Dr. Darlene Sand Wall today to schedule an appointment. Located in Erlanger, we serve patients from all surrounding areas, including Cincinnati, Crestview Hills, Edgewood, Fort Mitchell, Florence, Union, Independence, and Taylor Mill.

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